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The IU Visitor Information Center is unique in that it is staffed almost entirely by current undergraduate and graduate students. Being able to offer our guests a variety of perspectives, from a diverse group of students, is one of our greatest assets.

  • Evan Curry

    Evan Curry
    Visitor Guide
    Hometown: Valparaiso, IN
    Major: Human Resource Management


    Calm and collected. Quiet yet sociable. Nature lover. Restaurant enthusiast. I eat ice cream at least once a day. 


  • Joe Glauber

    Joe Glauber
    Visitor Guide
    Hometown: Doylestown, PA
    Major: Media Advertising


    Laid-back. Spelling-bee champ. Philadelphia native. Cheesesteak fanatic. Believes next year is "THE YEAR" for IU basketball.

  • Isabella Gutierrez

    Isabella Gutierrez
    Visitor Guide
    Hometown: Detroit, MI
    Major: Studying Media, Public Relations, and Journalism


    Blogger. Coffee lover. Probably talking politics. Can't wait to meet new people and learn new things.  

  • Kaleigh Howland

    Kaleigh Howland
    Visitor Guide
    Hometown: Cincinnati, OH
    Major: Theatre


    Actor. Writer. Lover of pale pink and art museums. Cincinnati native. Los Angeles bound.

  • Stella Jeong

    Stella Jeong
    Graduate Assistant
    Hometown: Carmel, IN
    Major: Human-Computer Interaction Design


    Avid knitter and cross stitcher. Amateur fantasy football enthusiast. Aspiring expert conversationist and renaissance woman. 


  • Grace Liu

    Grace Liu
    Visitor Guide
    Hometown: Beijing, China
    Major: Marketing and Business Analytics; Minor: Studio Arts


    Creator. Passionate Artist. Business Woman. Adventurous Traveler. Loves to embrace new things in life and never settles. 


  • Trevor McCorkle

    Trevor McCorkle
    Visitor Guide
    Hometown: Muncie, Indiana
    Major: Psychology; Minor: Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship


    Basketball Enthusiast. IU Basketball aficionado. Traveler. Adventurous eater. Cheesy sense of humor.

  • Zahra Naderi

    Zahra Naderi
    Visitor Guide
    Hometown: Indianapolis, Indiana
    Major: Neuroscience; Minor: Biology


    Future physician. Obsessed with The Office. Science nerd. First-generation college student. Dependent on coffee. 

  • Collin Pellettieri
    Visitor Guide



  • Colin Shassberger

    Colin Shasberger
    Visitor Guide
    Hometown: Bloomington, IN
    Major: Journalism/Psychology


    Writer. Photographer. People person. Bloomington native. Coffee connoisseur. I love hearing and sharing people's stories.


  • Christian Shoulders

    Christian Shoulders
    Visitor Guide
    Hometown: Indianapolis, IN
    Major: Neuroscience (Pre-Med)


    Poet. Musician. Animal lover. Hails from Indianapolis. I love learning about different cultures and the people that are a part of them. 


  • Leigha Stephey

    Leigha Stephney
    Visitor Guide
    Hometown: Bloomington, Indiana
    Major: Biochemistry


    Student. Scientist. Future doctor. Feminist. People Person. Harry Potter Fanatic.  Dancer. I love to learn new things and teach people.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to rent a car for my visit?

    It is not necessary that you rent a car for your visit. IU and Bloomington have a great bus system, and the community is extremely pedestrian and bike friendly.

  • When can I go on a self-guided tour?

    You can take a self-guided tour whenever your schedule permits. There are self-guided tour brochures that you can access on our website, or you can stop in our office to pick up the information.

  • Do I need to bring anything with me for the tour?

    Comfortable clothing and shoes are recommended for the campus tour. You may also want to check the forecast to get an idea of the current weather in Bloomington.

  • Where is the bookstore?

    The IU Bookstore is located in the Indiana Memorial Union. There is also a Varsity Shop on the corner of Kirkwood and Indiana Avenues.