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The IU Visitor Information Center is unique in that it is staffed almost entirely by current undergraduate and graduate students. Being able to offer our guests a variety of perspectives, from a diverse group of students, is one of our greatest assets.

  • Kimberly Castellanos

    Kim Castellanos
    Visitor Guide
    Hometown: Verona, New Jersey
    Major: Tourism, Event, and Hospitality Management


    I originally visited Indiana University with the intent to become a theatre major. I wanted to go to a school with a great theatre program and also with a lively student life. I had heard that IU was a big school with a lot of extracurricular activities, clubs, student organizations, sports, and so much more. These things all drew me to take a visit out to IU from New Jersey. As soon as we drove up to this beautiful campus, I said to my dad, “This is it - this is where I’m going to college.” In the months after my visit, I decided I did not want to pursue theatre anymore, but I still knew that IU was the place for me! I couldn’t imagine going to school anywhere else.

  • Harrison Green

    Harrison Green
    Visitor Guide
    Hometown: Warsaw, Indiana
    Major: Marketing, Sales, and International Business


    I came to IU because I saw the quality of their business program and knew first-hand the success of IU graduates within my own family. Once I arrived, however, I began to realize that the culture here was precisely what I wanted from a college. The opportunities of a Big 10 campus were meshed with a campus advocating the values that matched so closely with my own.

  • Nicole Griffin

    Nicole Griffin
    Director, IU Visitor Information Center
    Hometown: Bloomington, Indiana


    As the Director of the IU Visitor Information Center, it is an honor to work with these talented students. Together we welcome visitors, inform prospective students, inspire elementary and middle school students, connect with guests, and share the story of Indiana University.

  • Christina Harris
    Visitor Guide
    Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio
    Major: Telecommunications and Event Planning


    I came to IU because I wanted the full college experience at a big school! My whole high school goes to Ohio State so I was looking for something different. The second I visited IU and saw this amazing campus and all the opportunities here, I knew this was where I wanted to spend my college years.

  • Maddie Jones

    Maddie Jones
    Visitor Guide
    Hometown: Logansport, Indiana
    Major: Doctor of Optometry


    I loved all the options IU provides in terms of majors. I knew I was going to do science, but wasn’t sure what area, and IU thankfully had plenty to choose from. I also had a fairly good idea that I wanted to go into optometry, but a lot can change between high school and college graduation, so I wasn’t 100% certain if I would stick to it. I picked a college that had a strong general health care field in the event that I did change my mind from optometry—but thankfully I didn’t!

  • Janelle June

    Janelle June
    Visitor Guide
    Hometown: Indianapolis, Indiana
    Major: Psychology


    IU has a wonderful psychology program, and offered a lot of funding. Not to mention, 13 members of my family graduated from IU! 

  • Julia Rickles

    Julia Rickles
    Graduate Assistant
    Hometown: Dunwoody, Georgia
    Major: Human Computer Interaction Design


    I came to IU because of the beautiful campus! Choosing a college is tough, but there are great opportunities for jobs out of college if you create them. It’s also okay to change from business to art, like I did, if you find that is the right path for you. College is a time for making friends and exploring what you’re interested in, so find a place where you can do that!

  • Sarah Spencer

    Sarah Spencer
    Visitor Guide
    Hometown: Bloomington, Indiana
    Major: Speech and Hearing Sciences


    Bloomington has been my home my entire life, the university is gorgeous and has so much to offer in terms of academics, athletics, arts, cultures, and diversity.

  • Nick Stafford

    Nick Strafford
    Visitor Guide
    Hometown: South Bend, Indiana
    Major: Telecommunications


    Both of my parents and my older sister attended IU. Plus it’s hard to say no to the prettiest campus in the nation.

  • Mykala Waldron

    Mykala Waldron
    Visitor Guide
    Hometown: Jasper, Indiana
    Major: Chemistry


    The scenery is why I gravitated to IU. Even through rain soaked windows, I fell in love.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to rent a car for my visit?

    It is not necessary that you rent a car for your visit. IU and Bloomington have a great bus system, and the community is extremely pedestrian and bike friendly.

  • When can I go on a self-guided tour?

    You can take a self-guided tour whenever your schedule permits. There are self-guided tour brochures that you can access on our website, or you can stop in our office to pick up the information.

  • Do I need to bring anything with me for the tour?

    Comfortable clothing and shoes are recommended for the campus tour. You may also want to check the forecast to get an idea of the current weather in Bloomington.

  • Where is the bookstore?

    The IU Bookstore is located in the Indiana Memorial Union. There is also a Varsity Shop on the corner of Kirkwood and Indiana Avenues.